Todd McMurtry’s Anti-gun Past Exposed!

Have you seen our TV commercial yet?

The anti-gun actions of one of your Republican Congressional candidates are so shocking, we’ve been forced to take to the airwaves to warn gun owners before it’s too late.

Since the ad is sending ripples throughout the political establishment, I thought Second Amendment supporters like you deserve the complete backstory.

The anti-gun candidate is attorney Todd McMurtry. He’s running for Congress in one of the most pro-gun areas in the country — Kentucky’s 4th District — your district.

Almost as soon as he announced his candidacy, the media and Washington political establishment fawned all over him. But then his dirty past began to surface.

We just uncovered McMurtry’s long history of making financial contributions to anti-gun organizations and radical Democrats!

That’s right. Todd McMurtry, who’s running for Congress as a Republican, is actually a donor to anti-gun Democrats.

According to public campaign finance records, McMurtry donated to ActBlue, a leftist fundraiser which supports Joe Biden and backs Michael Bloomberg’s gun control operation, “Everytown for Gun Control.”,

McMurtry also donated to Kentucky Democrat Governor Steve Beshear and he even donated money straight to the Democratic Party of Kentucky.

Donating to anti-gun groups and Democrats? That doesn’t sound like the behavior of a conservative, pro-gun Republican.

So to get to the bottom of it, the National Association for Gun Rights — the nation’s top “no-compromise” gun rights organization — sent McMurtry a candidate survey.

Guess what? He REFUSED to return it!

Does McMurtry support Universal Gun Registration?

Would McMurtry back “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation?

These are just a few of the questions Todd McMurtry refused to answer.

Of course, these are also two of the top priorities of the very same Kentucky and National Democrats McMurtry is funding.

So, please, vote against Todd McMurtry in your June 23rd Republican primary election.

That brings me to the most anti-gun action Todd McMurtry is taking…attacking and challenging the most pro-gun Congressman in America.

McMurtry’s opponent is Congressman Thomas Massie, the Chairman of the House Second Amendment Caucus.

Rep. Massie is also a member of the National Association for Gun Rights, which describes him as “more pro-gun than the NRA.”

But don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at Massie’s record of support for the Second Amendment:

      • Thomas Massie is the loudest voice in Congress against “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation and Universal Gun Registration.
      • Last summer, Thomas Massie personally joined me to help deliver over 1.5 million “No Gun Control, No Deals” petitions to Congress. 
      • And Massie stood toe-to-toe against weak-kneed leaders of both parties when they pushed the “FIX-NICS” gun control database bill in 2018.

Congressman Massie also sponsors pro-gun legislation every year like: 

      • H.R. 3200 to eliminate federal “Gun-Free” zones;
      • H.R. 1761 to block unconstitutional state gun registration and gun owner registries, and;
      • The SHUSH Act to de-regulate federal regulation of suppressors.

This is why Thomas Massie is a multi-year recipient of the nation’s most prestigious pro-gun recognition: the .50 Caliber Freedom Award.

It’s also why Thomas Massie has earned himself powerful enemies among the Washington establishment who’d rather see his seat go to a gun grabber than follow his principled pro-gun, pro-Constitution leadership.

Mark my words, the loss of Thomas Massie in Congress would be a blow to freedom.

So please vote for Thomas Massie on June 23rd!

Thank you for your continued support of the Second Amendment.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown

Dudley Brown
Gun Rights America


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